A chicken dropping, color matching, game to cluck about!

"Cluck Cluck"
The chickens have escaped their coops and its your duty to help return them to their homes but you’re not the only one the farmer asked for assistance.
Its a race against time to collect and coop the most chickens, with help from your trusty dog and some other tricky tactics. In this fun and lighthearted game for the whole family.

Collect and coop same color chickens to earn points. Strategically time the placement of your chickens to maximize your coops value.
Different chickens do different things when played. Some may steal other players chickens or even randomly redistribute all chickens in play.

With many different kinds of chickens including; Raging Chickens, Wild Chickens, Fat Chickens, and Roosters. You'll be feeling like a real chicken farmer in no time. It's easy to learn and fun for any age group, a great game for casual players and families.





Shuffle the main deck and deal 5 cards to each player (if playing with the Eggspansion remove the Quick Chickens before dealing out cards then shuffle them back in after the starting hands have been dealt, shuffle the Egg deck) Also give each player a dog card face up.
The starting player can be the last person who ate Chicken!
Play continues clockwise.

Turn order and gameplay:
Each players turn will consist of either playing a card and drawing one card from the deck, or cooping chickens. Don't draw a card after cooping. All cards in the main deck are considered Chickens and when played from a players hand will enter and area called the 'yard'. Each player has a yard with a maximum of 5 chickens. A players yard may not have a sixth chicken under any circumstance. On your turn instead of playing a card from your hand you may construct 1 coop of chickens for points. This is done by taking 2 or 3 chickens from your yard of the same color or wild chickens and turning them face down to create the 'coop'. Keep each coop stacked separate from your yard. Once a player has finished their turn they may "Cluck" so that the next person knows it's their turn.

End of game and points
The game will end once all the chickens are played from all hands, this will happen after the deck is out of cards. After the game has ended points will be totaled as follows:

5 points for a 3 chicken coop
3 points for a 2 chicken coop
1 point for each un-cooped chicken
Fat Chickens are an additional point

The player with the most points is the Winner!

Super Cluck Party:
To play with up to 10 players, use 2 packs of Coop Da Chickens and 2 EGGspansions. Most of the game will remain the same. The difference will be hand size: each player will start with 7 cards in their hand instead of 5. You will also need to remove 1 Brood Hen from the game to account for the size of the Egg Deck.

Happy Clucking and enjoy!

Coop Da Chickens

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